Sucessfully cultivating onions during the dry season

Sucessfully cultivating onions during the dry season



Climate smart agriculture,
  Community engagement


2008 - 2013. Gok Akong village, Rumbek area, Lakes State, South Sudan.

Prolonged dry season.

Vegetable farming within a cooperative of 100 members ; 1200 beneficiairies.

Alluvial soils along a river.

TOTAL Exploration & Production South Sudan was interested in running programmes in this community within the framework of its social responsability programme.


The river is drying up and therefore reducing the possibility of watering the onions planted by the cooperative. The crops are also at risk of drying up.

Implemented solutions

  • Training of trainers of the cooperative to cover the soil with straw wherever onions are planted.
  • Straw-mulching of the entire surface cultivated except a small plot as a test.
  • Monitoring and evaluation with the members of the cooperative.


  • Reduction in the need to water, the straw kept the soil fresh and humid.
  • The onion crops survived until harvest.
  • The harvest went as normal, without any loss, despite the river drying up.